Palm OS client software installation and configuration

The Palm OS based devices do not have native sync support. Therefore a 3rd party SyncML client will need to be installed. Although this client is from a trusted AbacusSync partner, it is not an Abacus product and will need to be purchased seperately. The file you download will be a .zip file containing a .prc  file. The .prc file is the installation program for the client, this file must be installed onto your device.

Download Client

Use the Palm Desktop installation program to install this file onto your device. By default the client will be installed into the "Unfiled" category.

Before running the client please ensure that you have opened the datebook application at least once to ensure that all internal databases are available. Without these databases the client will not synchronise correctly.


Start the SyncML application by tapping the icon on the home screen of your PDA.

This will open the application and show the screen below:

Palm Client

To create a new profile tap the Menu icon on your PDA and then select "New Profie..."
from the menu that appears (see screen shot below).

Palm Client Menu

We would suggest naming the profile something relevant like 'AbacusSync'. The serverURL will need to be set as "". The "User" and "Password" settings must be set to the same login details that you use for your account (these may not be the same as your AbacusLaw account). Once all data is entered successfully press OK to return to the home screen.

Palm Client Settings

From the home screen select which data you wish to synchronize and press the start sync button.

Palm Client

Your Palm device will be able to synchronize in anyway a valid IP connection can be established. Unfortunately, the Palm HotSync software does not allow an IP connection to be established through the cradle/cable. Because of this the SyncML client will be unable to communicate with the AbacusSync server as standard via the Palm cable.

There is, however, 3rd party software available that will allow an IP connection to be established through the cradle/cable. One such application is the PPP software from

An evaluation version can be obtained from their website. Once installed and configured this software will allow the SyncML client on your device to correctly establish the necessary IP connection with the AbacusSync server and will allow the synchronisation process to take place.