AbacusSync Frequently Asked Questions

What is AbacusSync?

AbacusSync allows you to wirelessly synchronize your AbacusLaw calendar and contacts with almost any mobile device including a smart phone or tablet.

How does AbacusSync work?

Changes made on your phone are sent back to your office* and changes made in the office are sent to your phone. You never have to dock your phone or go through other applications to sync.

*If you use an iPhone or iPad, you must push the sync button to initiate the sync. If you use an Android the sync will happen automatically.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely. All of your data and passwords are encrypted and secure. Contact us for more details.

Do you store a copy of my data?

We store a single snapshot of the data that is on your phone at the end of each sync. This is used solely to facilitate comparisons between records and to link phone records to AbacusLaw records. This snapshot data is only accessible via the synchronization process.

For diagnostic purposes, we provide a detailed logging mode which can be activated per-user. This allows us to record the full details of the synchronization and all data passed. These logs are stored on the AbacusSync server and are only accessible to support staff. These logs are retained only for the investigation of any technical issues and are then deleted. All stored data can be removed by the user at will, by removing their phone from the AbacusSync control panel.

What devices are supported by AbacusSync?

Almost all devices that are SyncML compliant are supported. View a full list of supported devices here.

What will my data look like on my phone?

AbacusSync uses the calendar and contact applications on your phone to display your data as it normally appears. See examples below.

Will AbacusSync work with my version of AbacusLaw?

AbacusSync requires the most current version of AbacusLaw. For information on updating your AbacusLaw, click here.

Do I need to have AbacusSync for all AbacusLaw users?

No, only those who wish to sync their calendar and contacts need it.

Is there a way to control which contacts sync to my mobile device?

Yes, you can apply a query in AbacusLaw and sync only the records you want.

Are all of my AbacusLaw screens available?

No, the only thing you will sync is your calendar and contacts.

Is there any delay in sync/data transfer?

Mobile devices can be synchronized manually or on a timer, or whenever changes on the phone are detected (Android).

Do I have to have a current Practice Protection Plan to use AbacusSync?

Yes, and since you must be on the most current version of AbacusLaw, this is included.

Do I need a data plan on my mobile device to use AbacusSync?

Your mobile device requires a valid Internet connection to synchronize. This can be achieved in a number of ways depending on the device but the most common and useful connection would be direct from the device using a data plan.

What does it take to setup AbacusSync?

You have to install an Apache web server, route a port in your router, setup your phone(s) on the Abacus server and install the sync software on your phone.

What app will I need to install on my mobile device?

iPhone & iPad:SyncMLPro (You cannot use SyncML Lite as it only works for contacts, not the calendar)

NOTE: For iPhone and iPad devices, you must initiate the sync of information by pushing the SyncMLPro button.

Why are you charging for this service?

AbacusSync is a third party developed app and includes ongoing sync server maintenance and requires a detailed installation process (hence the charge). We could have buried the expense in higher support or update costs for everyone, but we realize not everyone wants to sync their phone or have remote access to their calendar and contacts.

AbacusSync is not mandatory.